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Sahara Music is a boutique independent record label representing the artist Sahara

 Trish Long & Dave Long.

Sahara Music has released six Sahara CDs  ‘Thinking of You’, ‘Vision’, ‘Live at the Malthouse’, ‘A New Beginning’, ‘ There is this place I go’ and ‘See all that's before me’ along with their rock single ‘Only This World’. These CDs are available for download by track or by album from a variety of internet music stores including iTunes and Amazon.

Buy paying for the download of a track or album, you are helping support independent original music which is very much appreciated.

* Sahara composed original music for an ABC TV Australian Story documentary called

‘Track Winding Back’ that won the United Nations Media Peace Award.

* Sahara’s songs have been included in motivational recordings, radio jingles and a short film.If you have a project that you would like Sahara to provide some original music for please email

Should you wish to enquire about a license to use any of Sahara's recorded material for a promotion or advertisement please contact Sahara

To play Sahara's CDs in public, in a restaurant or club you can make enquiries regarding a blanket licence from PPCA in Australia.

Sahara Music PO Box 76 Rosebud VIC 3939 Australia

Sahara Music Record Label

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