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1. This Isn’t Heaven

2. Singing Those Old Melodies

3. I Can't See the Horizon

4. Only This World

5. It Was All For You

6. Feel You In My Arms

7. The Stranger

8. Want to Tell You

9. Everytime I See Your Face

10. This Is the End

Sahara ‘ See all that’s before me’ CD

Sahara single ‘Only This World’

There is this place I go CD Cover

1. There Is This Place I Go

2. Has It Ever Been Any Different Before

3. This Is The Story

4. The Road Less Travelled

5. No Money for the Ride Home

6. Eblana

7. Where Angels Rest

8. I'd Like to Dance All Night

9. Living in the Here and Now

10. A Love So Powerful

Sahara ‘There Is This Place I Go’ CD

1. Right The Wrongs

2. Live Every Day

3. A New Beginning

4. Sweetest Things

5. The Promise

6. Let's Unite

7. It Could Be True

8. Renovating My Igloo

9. Is It Only Me?

10. Rainy Day At Shady Creek

Sahara ‘A New Beginning’ CD

A New Beginning CD Cover Mlathouse CD Cover

1.No Man's Land

2. So Special

3. Deja Vu

4. You're My Lover

5. It'll Happen Soon

6. Celtic Love Poem

7. Afraid to Lose Your Love

8. Higher Than High

9. Livin' in Melbourne

10. Life With You

Sahara ‘Live @ The Malthouse’ CD

Vision CD Cover

1.Make My Day

2. Ordinary Day

3. Vision of Glory

4. I Found You

5. Let's Try Peace

6. PartyTime

7. We All Believe

8. Save a Little Love

9. Send a Light to Guide Me

10. Are You?

11. Tears

12. Cry for Help

13. Running Out

Sahara ‘Vision’ CD

1. Get Life Free  

2. MegaStar  

3. Now You're Gone  

4. Faces of the Orient  


5. Thinking of You

6. Paint a Picture  

7. Listen to the Mother Cry  

8. Running Out

Sahara ‘Thinking Of You’ CD

Sahara single ‘Hope in Everything’


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