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Sahara Music Contact Page

Trish     Dave
Welcome to the Sahara Music boutique independent record label that represents the artists Sahara, Trish Long & Dave Long.

To play Sahara's CDs in public, in a restaurant or club you can make enquiries regarding a blanket licence from PPCA Australia.
Sahara Music has released six Sahara CDs and three Sahara Singles: ‘Thinking of You’, ‘Vision’, ‘Live at the Malthouse’, ‘A New  Beginning’, ‘ There is this place I go’ and ‘See all that's before me’ along with their rock single ‘Only This World’, ‘Hope in Everything’and the latest single 'Lock You Up Where You Belong'. These CDs are available for download by track or by album from a variety of internet music stores including iTunes and  Amazon. Buy paying for the download of a track or album, you are helping  support independent original music which is very much appreciated.
Sahara composed original music for the ABC TV ‘Australian Story’ documentary called  ‘Track Winding Back’ that won the United Nations Media Peace Award. Sahara compositions have also been included in motivational recordings, radio jingles and short films. Sahara would be delighted  to provide original music for your project, should you wish to enquire  about a license to use any of Sahara's recorded material for a promotion  or advertisement please do not hesitate to contact us   

Sahara Music PO Box 76 Rosebud VIC 3939 Australia
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