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javigagophoto (USA) Listen to Sahara CyberStars - Modern Life on their Spotify, great music!

javigagophoto (USA) Listen to Sahara CyberStars - Modern Life on their Spotify, great music!
Published by Sahara Music - 29 Jun 2024
Ariyel’s Blog (USA) Sahara CyberStars Release “Modern Life”: A Reflection on Life
“Dave Long and Trish Long, have once again captured the zeitgeist with their latest single, “Modern Life”...Sahara CyberStars continue to be a beacon of thoughtful and original music in today’s landscape... Their eclectic style, combined with their commitment to original music, makes them a unique voice in the industry”
Published by Sahara Music - 25 Jun 2024
Danel Records (Mexico) - A Deep Look at Contemporary Reality with “SAHARA CYBERSTARS”
“Australia is on top, thanks to a new musical project with a contemporary atmosphere that breaks the barriers of current trends... transmitting a message to the world with a very characteristic essence that allows us to enjoy refreshing rhythms. Run to hit Play!”

Published by Sahara Music - 22 Jun 2024
Sinusoidal Music (India) - Sahara CyberStars create a spell of indie rock magic with their single, “Modern Life”
“Sahara CyberStars are here to make you fall in love with the idea of live music, with their unique sonic infusions. Modern Life is the way to go, and I’m already on the way.”
Published by Sahara Music - 21 Jun 2024
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'Modern Life' Reviews

Ariyel’s Blog (USA)
June 25, 2024

Sahara CyberStars, the award-winning singer-songwriters Dave Long and Trish Long, have once again captured the zeitgeist with their latest single, “Modern Life.” Known for their eclectic and original music, the duo’s newest release dives deep into the frenetic pace and mounting pressures of contemporary living, contrasted with the simpler, slower-paced days of the past.

“Modern Life” is a contemporary song with a yesteryear feel, highlighting the rapid acceleration of daily life and its consequences. The track poignantly questions whether the perceived advancements and progress have truly improved our lives or if we are merely being told they have. As society races forward, the song asks who is looking out for those left behind, drawing attention to the widening gap between the winners and the rest.
The lyrics lament the transformation of human existence into an Olympic event, where the speed of life is increasing exponentially. It reflects on a time when holidays meant tents and caravans, and home was a place to return to, not a distant dream for the homeless living in cities. The song touches on the alarming trend of homelessness, where even fully employed individuals find themselves living in cars, tents, or if fortunate, caravans.

“Modern Life” addresses the housing crisis, a global issue that has spread like a virus. The song highlights how, despite the availability of more houses, the economic burden has intensified. It now often requires two incomes to secure a roof over one’s head, turning daily life into a relentless relay race of responsibilities, particularly for mothers who juggle work and family. This perpetual motion, described as a merry-go-round, is all in the pursuit of basic shelter.

The chorus resonates with a longing for the past: “Sometimes I want to go and lose myself in the past, I want to go slow, yesteryear was not so fast.” It evokes a nostalgia for a time when there was more time for each other and more secure living conditions, contrasting sharply with the current reality.
The Sahara CyberStars’ signature style is evident in “Modern Life,” blending heartfelt lyrics with a musical composition that marries the old and the new. The song’s yesteryear feel is not just in its message but also in its sound, which pays homage to the slower, more melodic tunes of the past while incorporating contemporary elements.
Dave and Trish Long’s journey began on the Dublin music scene, and their migration to Australia has only broadened their horizons and deepened their musical roots. Their experience and synergy shine through in this single, as they have in their previous works, which include six albums and seven singles.

Sahara CyberStars have consistently used their platform to comment on social issues, and “Modern Life” is no exception. Their ability to weave compelling narratives into their music has earned them a place on major TV networks, live radio, festivals, and concert tours. Their eclectic style, combined with their commitment to original music, makes them a unique voice in the industry.
The release of “Modern Life” is timely, resonating with listeners who are grappling with the pressures of modern living. It serves as both a reflection and a critique, encouraging listeners to consider the cost of our fast-paced lives and the growing inequality. The song is a reminder of the importance of community, slowing down, and supporting those who struggle to keep up.
In an age where the speed of life can feel overwhelming, Sahara CyberStars offer a moment of pause and reflection with “Modern Life.” Their music not only entertains but also provokes thought and inspires change, making them a powerful force in contemporary music.

“Modern Life” by Sahara CyberStars is a poignant, reflective piece that addresses the rapid pace of modern existence and its consequences. Dave and Trish Long have crafted a song that not only captures the essence of our times but also evokes a yearning for a simpler, more connected past. With their unique blend of musical styles and powerful storytelling, Sahara CyberStars continue to be a beacon of thoughtful and original music in today’s landscape.

Danel Records (Mexico)
Review: Jasmine Dove
June 21st, 2024

Australia is on top, thanks to a new musical project with a contemporary atmosphere that breaks the barriers of current trends, through a seductive rhythm that, thanks to its explosion of sounds at minute 2:09 where the saxophone is positioned as the protagonist , we feel jazz running through our veins, enveloping us in a nostalgic atmosphere that evokes bygone eras. His verses reflect on the speed of today’s everyday life and how society seems to be immersed in a kind of Olympics, where immediacy has led to questioning whether we are really progressing as humans, or simply surviving day to day. He asks us questions that arouse curiosity in listeners and analysis of his own actions, inviting us to break with paradigms and live life from an instinct that is more connected to the spirit and less rational and robotic.

He also highlights his concern for those who have been left behind and forgotten by the world. This is how it refers to a global crisis of transformation of the meaning of life that will undoubtedly resonate with those who live struggling to get ahead every day. And of course, we cannot miss the performance of the vocalist who passionately sings to us cathartically to leave everything on the scene, transmitting a message to the world with a very characteristic essence that allows us to enjoy refreshing rhythms. Run to hit Play!

Sinusoidal Music (India)
June 20th, 2024

Sahara CyberStars will take you on a journey through a parallel galaxy with their music. When you think you’re listening to one genre, they switch it up with incredible tenacity and style. Your latest addiction, should you choose it, is their single Modern Life. It is full of their fingerprint instrumentation and lyricism. The prelude is worth the story.

Their jazzy, The Police like instrumental delivery will leave you speechless. It is almost hypnotic, to create something inspired by the smoothness of Peter Gabriel. Yet, Trish and David Long make the song their own, with their classy vocals and dynamic switches between parts. You’ll be honed in on the background instrumentals-till the gorgeous chorus drops. The groovy bassline parts claim their rightful attention in moments, and keep the song shiny and spectacular. There’s no chance you heard this whole song without bobbing your head to it at some point. Sahara CyberStars are here to make you fall in love with the idea of live music, with their unique sonic infusions. Modern Life is the way to go, and I’m already on the way.

Listen to the single below, and make sure you follow them on Instagram to stay updated! Their compositions like Light Shines into a Place and I Can’t See the Horizon are some must listens. Make sure you follow Sahara CyberStars for more and groove to their single here:

Os Garotos de Liverpool (Brazil)
Review: Linna Santiago
June 18th, 2024

Project by Dave Long and Trish Long, they appear here with work recently revealed on streaming platforms and which we will talk more about below.

Released in mid-May, ‘Modern Life’ is a track that delivers to listeners a striking vocal line, with great string chords, very well executed drums, beautiful wind elements and a very rich soundscape, with incredible backings and a sound that includes aspects of rock such as classic and soft, but also all the charm and richness of jazz

With DIY recording, production and mixing, in the clearest and most analogue way possible, the track addresses a theme about a contemporary issue with a feeling of the past.

IChrisGh (Ghana)
Review by Francis Antwi
June 14, 2024

Sahara CyberStars just released their latest single, ‘Modern Life’. The musical duo made up of award-winning singers and songwriters, Dave Long and Trish Long just dished out one more of their eclectic original musical compositions.
The song talks about the woes of our world today compared to the joys before it. Thus, in the relentless pursuit of progress, we have turned life into a cutthroat competition, where the pace is frenetic and the stakes are high. However, in this frenzied race, who is looking out for those left behind? The irony is stark – once, families vacationed in tents and caravans, now, they are a desperate refuge for the homeless.
The housing crisis has spiralled out of control, leaving even the employed struggling to keep a roof over their heads. The dream of a better life has become a distant memory, replaced by the harsh reality of survival in the modern life of today.
We are trapped in a never-ending cycle, where mothers are forced to juggle impossible responsibilities, with no respite. The question echoes – are we truly better off, or just numbed by the pace of modern life?… Call me insane, but logically humans are living like beasts, where our success cannot be felt without the cry from the past we used to cherish.
‘Modern Life’ will surely strike a nerve and you may even shed a tear but you certainly will enjoy every bit of it. Go on and take a good listen to it already, the song is worth replays and even more.

Review by: Mike Mineo
JUNE 13, 2024

Evolving from debonair rock nostalgia into a brass-touched charisma, “Modern Life” is an engaging new single from Sahara CyberStars. The Stawell, Australia-based duo of Dave and Trish Long first caught our attention with the track “Light Shines into a Space” last September.
“Modern Life” continues to showcase their stylish rock appeal in even more infectious form. Poignantly, “”Modern Life” addresses the relentless pace of modern life and the escalating housing crisis, contrasting it with the slower, more community-focused past where people had more stability and time for each other. Several lines resonate in their yearning for greater connection and personal focus — emphasized at points such as: “Sometimes I want to go and lose myself in the past, I want to go slow, yesteryear was not so fast.”
Lyrical striving to improve one’s personal plights open the production with ample intrigue, evolving from the steady guitar progressions and brief vocal layers into the charismatic “sometimes I wanna go,” brass-laden soulfulness. The reflections on yesterday meld with the grooving guitars and brass components for a riveting result throughout; “Modern Life” is another decisive success from Sahara CyberStars.

End Sessions (Mexico)
Review: Eduargocruz
June 11, 2024

On this occasion “ SAHARA CYBERSTARS ” shared a retro Rock theme that will make you feel reflective with the current life that we lead as individuals and society, it also offers a fascinating track that is soft, gentle songs and introspective ideas, throughout this new installment you can enjoy an imaginative adventure in which you can look back, part of the premise contemplates a frenetic world to which not all of you can belong or follow the rhythm, that’s why this track will make you blow your head with subtle Jazz and Pop elements, This will make our Rock adventure even more immersive and nostalgic.

“ Modern Life ” it is a wonderful song that proposes a harmonious melody, which drags us into a harsh reality, this theme has a timeless energy and every detail will make you feel attracted to sound, choirs and chords hook easily, which you will notice from the first few seconds.
We recommend you enjoy this pleasant sound journey, since it has an interesting history and an instrumental one that you will enjoy with your soul, surely from today you will not be able to overcome what it offers “ SAHARA CYBERSTARS ”.

“ SAHARA CYBERSTARS ”  brings us a fresh theme with modern ideas and vintage vibes that will make you shake your world of reality!

Senocular Media (USA)
James Kerr
June 10, 2024

Stawell, Australia-based soft rock band Sahara CyberStars returns with their new single “Modern Life”. Sahara CyberStars is a band formed by musical couple Trish and Dave Long, who released their debut album, Thinking of You, in 1990. Their latest release “Modern Life” is an eclectic tune that blends elements of soft rock, jazz, and classic rock. Hypnotic guitar melodies, groovy bass, and upbeat drums immerse the listener in a nostalgic atmosphere. Alluring vocals lend a rich presence to the calming instrumentation. The song’s lyrics question whether of not human progress has actually brought us to a better place, or if that is just what we have been lead to believe. Sahara CyberStars’ new single “Modern Life” is an exceptional soft rock jam and the perfect addition to any easy listening playlist. Learn more about Sahara CyberStars on their official website and listen to “Modern Life” below.

HBNEWS (Brazil)
Jessica Marino
JUNE 10, 2024

The audacious Sahara CyberStars project has been increasingly making a name for itself on the rock scene with very successful releases praised by the specialized media and with great numbers on digital platforms. Continuing the great work, they release “Modern Life” and brings a captivating and attractive melody with a genuine musical arrangement.
This is a straightforward single, which showcases the duo’s dreamy and bold ideology, along with the captivating sound that brings a nostalgic sound atmosphere while exuding a sincere freshness thanks to the youthful energy and visionary minds of Trish and Dave Long. With each release, Sahara CyberStar attracts more and more attention from a multitude of media outlets – Listen to the other singles HERE.
About the single, the band comments: “It’s a contemporary song about a contemporary issue with a touch of yesteryear. It seems that the human “race” has turned into an Olympic event. The speed of life is increasing exponentially and where has this led us? Things are better, or we are being told they are, while we just survive day to day. In any race there are fewer winners, so who pays attention to those left behind? So as the song says, ‘sometimes I want to go and get lost in the past, I want to go slow, yesterday wasn’t so fast’. We had more time for each other and more roofs over our heads.”
“Modern Life” follows the proposal of the previous songs but with an evolution that shows the flexibility and desire to explore what they are capable of, presenting the oldschool sound of rock’n’roll and the aggressiveness and sensitivity of jazz and soft rock, proving that he knew how to use all his influences and mix in a peculiar way to create his own identity in the music scene, confirming that rock with attitude is still alive.
Sahara CyberStars’ performance is perfect, like an emotional rollercoaster transforming her work into a work of art that goes beyond music. “Modern Life” is a fervent and expressive fusion, a conceptual satisfaction of an eclectic mix of ideas that hark back to the golden age of rock, mixing the 70s and 80s, making this song a hit and making it a band to watch.
This hit has melodic and emotional guitar riffs, distilling blues rock, the drums follow the strong and powerful rhythm exuding technique, along with the bass that has a strong presence in an exemplary groove, maintaining the atmosphere and gaining more life with the saxophones. nostalgic and the melody that creates a modern but nostalgic atmosphere.
The vocals sing rhymes with the power to invite the listener to reflect, bringing a more modern touch while sounding retro, the duo’s vocals intertwine perfectly, as if they were made for this.
“Modern Life” is the culmination of Sahara CyberStars’ hard-hitting songwriting, ripe with their trademark layered rock guitars and heartfelt lyricism. Through music, he shares his stories in a charming and comfortable way.
Sahara CyberStars, also known as ‘Sahara’, are the Irish singer-songwriter duo Trish and Dave Long. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, where they met and performed in concert halls and on TV – they now live in the city of Stawell, in the Grampians region, in Australia. There are six CD albums available for sale, along with three CD singles. These were recorded over the years as they toured Australia in concert halls, festivals and private events, along with many live TV and radio performances. For more information, visit *In Ireland they performed under the name ‘Interfusion’ and later changed to ‘Sahara’ until they were dubbed ‘CyberStars’ on ABC TV News for being the first group to have the first two #1 hits on the first New York-based Internet charts!

Music & Entertainers (Canada)
Review: Alexander Asiedu
5th June 2024

In a world seemingly obsessed with speed, award-winning duo Sahara CyberStars offers a tearful reflection. Their latest single, “Modern Life,” digs into the ever-increasing pressure we face, questioning if our relentless pursuit of “more” is leading us anywhere but to exhaustion.
“Modern Life” opens with an inviting groove that feels oddly comforting despite its underlying message. Think of sparkling drumbeats like sunshine on water, with a guitar melody stretching out leisurely like a hammock during summer. Dave Long’s vocals then take center stage, a raspy energy tinged with longing for a simpler past. The soulful harmonies that weave throughout the song add a layer of nostalgia, like a bittersweet echo of bygone days.
The lyrics are where “Modern Life” truly shines. Lines like, “
Modern man,
Living in a caravan,
Trying to improve his plight
Working day and night

Movie screen
Showing life as it has been
But it doesn’t seem
Like he’s livin’ the dream
The song challenges us to consider if we’re truly happier with our always-connected, always-on lifestyles. The chorus pleads, “Sometimes I want to go and lose myself in the past, I want to go slow, yesteryear was not so fast.” A sentiment many listeners will likely find themselves nodding along to.

The bridge takes a beautiful turn, introducing a lush brass section that injects a dose of romanticism and grandeur. The sound is reminiscent of classic blues and jazz. Its leisurely pace is a stark contrast to the frenetic energy of modern life.

“Modern Life” has more to it than just a tune, it’s a call to action. Sahara CyberStars compels us to re-evaluate whether the relentless pursuit of “modern life” is truly worth the stress. The song leaves a lingering question. Can we find a way to embrace the good aspects of progress while reclaiming a sense of balance and peace in our ever-hurried world?

Muse Chronicle (India)
Review: Muse Chronicle
June 6, 2024

Sahara CyberStars consists of award-winning singers and songwriters like Dave Long and Trish Long who are are really famous for their eclectic sound. With giving six albums and seven singles, Sahara CyberStars produces original music that resonates with listeners all over the world. They began their journey in the Dublin music scene before relocating to Australia, where they’ve appeared on major TV networks, performed live on radio, and played at numerous festivals and concerts.

“Are you overwhelmed by today’s relentless pace?
Then Sahara CyberStars’ “Modern Life” is a must-listen for you”
“Modern Life” by Sahara CyberStars question’s if things are really better or if we’re just getting by looking at the fast pace of our lives.. The song shows how homelessness has changed, now affecting even those with full-time jobs. The lyrics yearn for a slower, more connected to the past when life was less rushed and people had more time for each other. It clearly shows families working hard but still struggling to maintain a stable home. Blending modern issues with a nostalgic feel, Sahara CyberStars creates a track that is both touching and thought-provoking.Encouraging the listeners to just think about the actual cost of our fast forwarded lives, this song offers a timeless musical break off it. Not just being a track which is perfect for anyone looking for comfort in music but also being a song that addresses today’s challenges.

Allen Peterson Reviews (UK)
Review: allenpetersonreviews
June 6, 2024

Irish singer-songwriters Trish and Dave Long, the musical duo known as Sahara CyberStars, have a story as rich and textured as their melodies. Their journey began amidst the electrifying Dublin scene of the 1980s, where they formed “Interfusion” and honed their craft. Facing challenges in England, they returned to Ireland, with their early albums like “Thinking of You” showcasing a unique blend of rock and jazz that resonated with local audiences. A move to Australia in 1987 marked a new chapter. Rechristened “Sahara,” they embraced the vibrant Aussie music scene, winning hearts and releasing their debut album. Acclaimed albums like “Vision” and the live recording “Live at the Malthouse” solidified their reputation. Their creativity extended beyond music, even composing the soundtrack for the award-winning documentary “A Track Winding Back.” Extensive tours across Australia cemented their connection with the vast beauty of the land and its people, experiences that profoundly influenced their 2004 album “A New Beginning,” later re-recorded in 2012. Today, their passion for music remains undimmed. They’ve released several more albums, including “There Is This Place I Go” and “See All That’s Before Me,” with captivating singles like “Hope in Everything.” Their latest offering, “Modern Life,” takes a deeper look at the complexities of the modern world, weaving a poignant tapestry of observation and yearning.
The song opens with a seemingly familiar groove—shimmering drums and a comforting guitar melody—a sonic lullaby that lulls the listener into a false sense of ease. Yet, a subtle dissonance lurks beneath the surface, a hint of unease that grows with Dave Long’s raspy vocals, tinged with a deep yearning. Soulful harmonies weave a tapestry of melancholic nostalgia, a stark contrast to the frenetic energy that unfolds in the lyrics.

“Modern Life” doesn’t shy away from the anxieties of contemporary living. It unmasks the harsh realities beneath the glossy veneer of progress. We encounter a weary “modern man,” his dreams confined to the cramped quarters of a caravan despite his relentless toil. The flickering light of a television screen taunts him with visions of an unattainable “dream” life, highlighting the chasm between fantasy and the harsh reality of the housing crisis. It’s a poignant commentary on the feeling of being stuck, chasing a dream that seems perpetually out of reach—a sentiment that resonates deeply in an age of rising inequality.
The song’s rhythm then pulsates like a relentless rat race. We see the “working mom,” a blur of motion perpetually “on the run.” Her tasks are a never-ending symphony, the pressure to “catch a break” a distant dream replaced by the constant feeling of “giving rather than taking.” It paints a vivid picture of the relentless demands placed on modern individuals, particularly working mothers, highlighting the societal pressure to prioritize work over personal well-being.
A deep yearning for a bygone era seeps into the melody. The lyrics plead, “Sometimes I want to go and lose myself in the past,” a desperate wish for a time when life wasn’t a constant sprint towards an uncertain finish line. The refrain, “Yesterday was not so fast,” echoes with a melancholic longing for a slower pace, a time when connection and community thrived. It’s a sentiment many listeners can relate to—a yearning for a simpler time when human connection mattered more than material possessions.
“Modern Life” transcends mere criticism; it’s a poignant reminder. It lingers long after the last note fades, forcing us to confront the frenetic pace of the world and question the true value of our relentless pursuit of progress. Is it enriching our lives or simply leaving us feeling empty? It’s a call to slow down, to remember the value of human connection, and perhaps to find a way to reclaim a simpler rhythm amidst the modern chaos. Sahara CyberStars don’t offer easy answers, but they provide a powerful soundtrack for reflection and a nudge toward a more meaningful way of living.

Testing Melodies (India)
Review:Khyati Chaturvedi
June 1st 2024

Sahara CyberStars just released their brand new release ‘Modern Life’ and this would make your soul groove! Also acclaimed with the name ‘Sahara’, the collaborative comprises the ecstatic Irish Australian duo Trish and Dave Long. With their roots in Dublin, Ireland, the duo currently resides in Stawell. With profoundly rich artistry behind them, the duo aims to embrace authenticity with their sound, reflecting upon thought-provoking emotions with pure delight. Without further ado let’s dive into their brand new melody!

Capturing the urgency and in-minute attempts to revolutionize the modern world, this jazz reverie is pure bliss to the ears.

‘Modern Life’ is a contemporary and flavorful attempt at portraying the harsh realities of modern man. Caught in the act of moving along with advancements in technology, this fast-paced life, work-life balance and the urge to chase perfection and for what? This exponential expansion is a never-ending phenomenon now, but no one is stopping to reflect upon where it has gotten us spiritually. Is life life or just a game from the Olympics? you may never know. Sonically extracting this gist from the worldly odds and turning it into the most phenomenal jazz masterpiece, is exactly the apt way to describe this melody. This is lively, sweet and very wholesome and a must-add to your playlist!

Illustrate Magazine (USA)
Review By: Naomi Joan
May 31, 2024

Award-winning duo Sahara CyberStars are back with a catchy tune that tackles a genuine issue of the ever-increasing pressure of modern life. “Modern Life” is for you if you feel stuck on a treadmill, running faster and faster but never getting anywhere.
The song opens with a groove that’s both familiar and refreshing. Shimmering, jangly drums spark things up while the guitar lays down a melody as comforting as a hammock on a sunny day. Dave Long’s vocals engage with their raspy, energetic tone, full of a yearning for a simpler time. The soulful harmonies fill the sonic field with their nostalgic wails.
Long doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of the rat race in his single. The song bades us to question whether we are really any happier with our always-on lifestyles, striving for necessities. The lines, “sometimes I want to go and lose myself in the past, I want to go slow, yesteryear was not so fast,” perfectly capture the sentiment.
The bridge takes a turn for the wistful, with a luscious brass section that injects a dose of romance and grandiosity. Its lush and leisurely blows make you want to move slower and appreciate the simpler things. This touch of nostalgia perfectly complements the song’s overall message and brings the iconic bluesy, jazzy hypnotism to the mix.
Start re-evaluating whether “Modern Life” is worth the stress and find a way to make a change with Sahara CyberStars.

Review: Faithfulness
29th May 2024

Sahara Cyberstars, the talented duo made up of Dave Long and Trish Long, are esteemed musician and lyricist who first met in the lively music scene of Dublin before relocating to Australia. They have received praise and acknowledgment for their distinctive sound and captivating performances, appearing on prominent TV networks, live radio broadcasts, and taking part in many festivals and concert stages. Sahara Cyberstars, renowned for their diverse music style, have put out a total of six albums and seven singles, all highlighting their uniqueness and complexity. Their most recent release, the song “Modern Life,” upholds this custom by merging meaningful lyrics with engaging tunes.

The famous pair Sahara Cyberstars dropped their thought-provoking track “Modern Life” on May 16, 2024. This song delves deeply into the quickly changing societal interactions that have greatly impacted the structure of daily life. Renowned for their diverse style and unique creations, Sahara Cyberstars have once again showcased their talent for intertwining powerful lyrics with engaging music arrangements. “Modern Life” showcases their ongoing significance and artistic development, guiding audiences through the struggles of present-day living.
The music starts with a consistent instrumental opening that quickly establishes a reflective mood. This steady, unchanging stream acts as a symbol for the relentless speed of contemporary life, producing an engaging sound experience that captivates the listener. At 8 seconds into the song, the male vocals start with a soothing yet urgent tone, capturing the essence of the song perfectly. The sincere vocals effectively convey the deep challenges and frustrations experienced by people in today’s hectic society. The first vocal entry is an important moment because it sets the emotional tone for the entire song.
In terms of lyrics, “Modern Life” explores the various difficulties caused by the constant pace at which society functions. The song eloquently contrasts the simplicity of the past with the complexity of the present, raising doubts about whether the faster pace of modern life has actually enhanced our quality of life. The lyrics vividly depict how the idea of progress can sometimes hide underlying societal problems. Lines such as, “sometimes I want to go and lose myself in the past, I want to go slow, yesteryear was not so fast”. bring about feelings of nostalgia and a desire for a simpler time. This exploration of themes is relevant for both present and past times, connecting with individuals who have been burdened by the pressures of modern life.

A standout feature of “Modern Life” is its reflection on the housing crisis. The song emphasizes the sharp difference in living conditions between the past, where tents and caravans were seen as holiday getaways, and the present, where they signify the harsh reality for those facing challenges in finding affordable housing. The lyrics poignantly portray the shift, showing how those with full-time jobs are now residing in tents, vehicles, or trailers because of the high cost of housing. The song confronts these difficult realities head-on, encouraging listeners to contemplate the systemic issues that are fueling this crisis rather than avoiding them.
The singing in “Modern Life” is especially notable. The male lead singer’s voice is both strong and moving, giving a sense of stability to the song. He expresses a strong compassion for those facing challenges in modern life through his voice, giving the lyrics a sense of authenticity and connection that resonates with listeners. Including additional backing vocals at strategic points in the song enhances the overall presentation, resulting in a multi-dimensional and engaging listening experience. These melodies contribute to the complexity of the song, intensifying its emotional resonance and capturing the listener’s attention.
From a musical perspective, “Modern Life” adeptly construct and develop a coherent sonic atmosphere. The initial straightforwardness enables the listener to concentrate on the impactful lyrics and emotional vocal performance. As the song advances, additional layers of instruments are slowly incorporated, enhancing the complexity and depth of the music. This meticulous stacking reflects the increasing demands of contemporary society, with each additional task and anticipation building on top of the previous one, resulting in a complex and sometimes daunting situation.
A crucial point in the song happens when an alto saxophone is introduced at the 2:05-minutes mark. This new inclusion injects the song with a lively vitality, representing a source of hope and strength in the face of the challenges mentioned in the lyrics. The sax’s melodic sounds complement the current beat and vocal harmonies, resulting in a harmonious and lively sonic environment. This musical embellishment not only elevates the quality of the song but also emphasizes its themes of resilience and the quest for happiness and positivity in today’s hectic world.
Overall, “Modern Life” by Sahara Cyberstars is a powerful song that effectively conveys the challenges of present-day life with its moving lyrics and expertly crafted music. This song serves as a strong observation of the fast speed of contemporary society and the fundamental problems that exist beneath our everyday lives. Every part of the song, from the consistent instrumental beginning to the lively alto saxophone introduction and emotional singing, is carefully designed to express urgency and reflection. “Modern Life” showcases Sahara Cyberstars’ talent in crafting music that is both entertaining and deeply impactful. “Modern Life” is a must-listen due to its ability to effectively conveys the challenges of current times with its moving story and gripping music.

The Other Side (Germany)
Review: Nicole Mendes
May 29th, 2024

Sahara CyberStars – Modern Life (2024)
Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, veteran musicians Dave and Trish Long are known for their enthusiastic, engaging, all-encompassing, intoxicating, insatiable, utterly awesome melodies. Weaving powerful lyricism in moving music, the Australia-based pair have found themselves on numerous international TV stations, performing at notable festivals and live venues, and garnered a loyal global following over the past 30 years.
Trailblazers in the 90s music scene, Sahara CyberStars embraced a fusion of jazz and indie-rock with their earlier works; however, as with everything in existence, their style altered as the years passed. Dipping into hints of folk with light pop shimmers, the prominently jazz-rock pair indulged in various genres bringing new trends, sounds and inspiration. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Modern Day’.
Have you ever used the phrase “back in my day things were easier”; well, I have and while it makes me seem old, it’s a complete fact. Previously, before the high-speed rush of the already relentless rat race, people were less stressed, they had more time for each other, fewer struggles with mental health existed, and I’m positive we faced less bullying, anxiety, depression and an unfortunate rise in suicide. Sahara CyberStars capture the essence of today’s insane existence and how things were better in days gone.
Unafraid to explore the provocative issues in life, the new single ‘Modern Day’ tackles global homelessness. Eager to jump into the dark, grungy bits and thread through the international housing crisis, the pair place the topic under a spotlight hoping people will pay attention. Sahara CyberStars explains:
“The speed of life is increasing exponentially and where has it got us? Are things better or are we being told they are while just surviving day to day… Homelessness was caused by many reasons; however, unemployment was usually the cause… Today, some fully employed people are living in cars, tents or if lucky, a caravan… even if there were more houses it now takes two incomes…”
While the single talks about a contemporary issue, it does so with a nostalgic melody. Using their distinctive sound, Sahara CyberStars bring gritty rock in Dave Long’s vocals while smooth jazz is heard in the tune – particularly the powerful saxophone. While rich warmth drips from whispers of 70s jazz-rock, a sense of frustration, vulnerability and pleading need for help lingers throughout.

Music For All (Brazil)
Review by: Biro Ramoniko
May 23, 2024

Sahara CyberStars lament modern life in new single

Award-winning singer/songwriters Dave Long and Trish Long form this project called Sahara CyberStars. They met in Dublin, Ireland, before moving to Australia. This seems normal, but musically it can have a lot of influence, as there are two very cool scenarios within the song and each with its own characteristics.
In their newest single titled “Modern Life”, the duo showcases rock with hints of indie, but which delivers a really cool classic vein. However, the fact that they include this indie vein makes the music far from sounding dated, in fact, quite the opposite, we are facing a contemporary composition.
With a dynamic vibe, the song features a clean guitar that comes from post-punk, but its sound goes beyond that and also offers us a mix of blues and jazz touches, in addition to the track also featuring a saxophone solo. All with well-crafted voices, including the ‘backing vocals’.
“Modern Life” is a song that expresses in its theme exactly what the title conveys, that is, a modern life and all the rush that routine currently imposes. An intriguing but regrettable theme, which is well emphasized in the excellent chorus!

Roadie Music (Brazil)
Review by: Amanda Chagas
May 22, 2024

Absorb the fantastic contours and insights of the single “Modern Life”
Equipped with an intriguing message, “ Modern Life ”, modeled on the free and eclectic style of Sahara CyberStars , is rich in contours and inspirations that activate our perception of the passage of time and the changes brought by the seasons.
Vivid and transient notes, they present a rich class of movements, riffs and percussions, with the main vocal, robust and elegant, rising in mature and captivating waves.
The melody develops with classic features that remind us of the spirit of nostalgia, lulling the senses with contemporary and free airs, so pleasantly outlined, that they make us feel as if we were in a lounge or bar, when a tasty sound begins to flow through the place. , making us stop and observe its executors… feeling the pleasant and stimulating surprise.
The verses tell us about the different perceptions of time, how in the past it seemed that we maintained a slower pace when carrying out everything, more structures to fix our lives and more simple pleasures that we shared.
Today, we live in the era of immediacy, with changes in standards and urgencies directly interfering with the quality of life, especially compared to the past.
Fantastically capturing our attention, this work serves as inspiration for us to better understand the road and its transformations.
“ Modern Life ” is an energetic balance that spreads across timelines.

Review by: Tianatesta
Published May 22, 2024

Sahara CyberStars Dazzle With “Modern Life”, A Contemporary Melody With Retro Accents
In a world where speed and efficiency dominate our lives, Sahara CyberStars offer us a welcome break with their latest single, “Modern Life”. This award-winning duo, composed of Dave Long and Trish Long, takes us on a melodious and poetic reflection on the challenges of our times, while tapping into nostalgia for a simpler, slower past.
With “Modern Life”, Sahara CyberStars capture the very essence of our fast-paced times, where every moment seems like a race against time. The song begins with a poignant observation: “It seems the human ‘race’ has become an Olympic event.” This metaphor highlights the constant pressure and acceleration of our pace of life, where the days fly by, often leaving us out of breath and disoriented.
The lyrics transport us to a world where tent and caravan holidays were once synonymous with simplicity and a return to basics. Today, these images have become tragic symbols of the housing crisis, where even fully employed people find themselves living in cars, tents or, with luck, caravans. This crisis, like a pandemic, has spread on a global scale, radically transforming the face of our cities.
Dave and Trish Long depict with rare sensitivity the reality of contemporary families, where two incomes are now needed to keep a roof over their heads. Mothers, like relay runners, juggle pickups, drop-offs and daily tasks, trapped in an endless merry-go-round. The song invites us to reflect: “sometimes I want to get lost in the past, I want to go slow, the old days weren’t so fast”. These words resonate like an echo of a time when human interactions were deeper and the rhythms of life more calming.
The Sahara CyberStars, with their eclectic style and their undeniable talent, manage to capture this duality between past and present, simplicity and complexity. Their harmonious voices and the careful musical arrangements of “Modern Life” transport us on a journey through time, where each note is an invitation to reflection and contemplation.
Originally from the Dublin music scene and now based in Australia, Dave and Trish Long have conquered their audience with their authentic and emotional music. They have toured the stages of festivals, concerts and television shows, each time leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of their listeners.
With six albums and seven singles to their credit, the Sahara CyberStars continue to surprise and move. “Modern Life” is further proof of their ability to capture the spirit of the times while remaining faithful to their musical roots. This single, available on all streaming platforms, is a true musical gem that reminds us of the importance of slowing down and savoring each moment, even in the midst of the whirlwind of modern life.
Don’t miss this exceptional work that promises to deeply touch all who listen to it, and let yourself be carried away by the timeless magic of Sahara CyberStars

Edgar Allan Poets
21 May 2024

Sahara CyberStars take a fresh spin on classic sounds with their new single, “Modern Life.”
The track immediately throws you into a sun-drenched scene, the rhythm guitar and keys conjuring images of swaying palm trees and a turquoise ocean breeze.
This foundation is pure Police, a welcome throwback that feels nostalgic and fresh.
Lyrically, “Modern Life” isn’t simply a beach vacation soundtrack. The smooth, intense vocals delve into the complexities of navigating a changing world.As the city stretches out before you, the song ponders how our perceptions and priorities shift in the face of progress.
The saxophone solo perfectly captures this duality, it’s undeniably sexy, but there’s a melancholic undercurrent that lingers after the last note fades.
Sahara CyberStars haven’t lost their touch for sophisticated songwriting.“Modern Life” is a masterclass in balancing catchy melodies with thought-provoking themes. It’s a song that will stay with you long after the last wave crashes ashore.
Modern Life is Sahara CyberStars’ Single Out Now!

'Modern Life' Interviews
Interview by: Katrina Yang
22nd May 2024

What was the creative process like for this particular song?

What was interesting with this song was the speed from writing to recording to releasing. Looking back it nearly didn’t happen at all because we were working on a totally different song. We decided to change the lyrics and came up with completely different ones - and then to top it off we decided that we wanted different chords. Along with that we weren’t happy with the rhythm so Dave changed that. We sat back and suddenly had this absolutely different song from where we started - we still have to return to the other song we were writing and who knows we might get another song out of that - it might just keep going!!
Could you discuss the lyrical themes or messages conveyed in “Modern Life?”
Well like everyone else we can’t avoid watching the news and these days it’s not too good overall. We’ve been as upset at the terrible struggle we are seeing with homelessness.
It feels like the human race had turned into an Olympic event. The speed of life is increasing exponentially and where has it got us? Are things better or are we being told they are while just surviving day to day. In any race there are fewer winners so who’s looking out for those falling behind.
In the past people holidayed in tents and caravans, returning home for everyday life. Today we see pictures of tents in the cities. The demographic of people living in these has changed in an extraordinary way. Homelessness was caused by many reasons however unemployment was usually the cause. Today, some fully employed people are living in cars, tents, or if lucky, a caravan.
A huge housing crisis seems to have spread globally like a virus. Even if there were more houses it now takes two incomes. Some mums are in a relay of picking up, dropping off and passing on. Can’t step off that merry-go-round. Relentless, all in the name of a roof over our heads. So as the song says, “sometimes I want to go and lose myself in the past, I want to go slow, yesteryear was not so fast”. We had more time for each other, and more rooves over our heads.

How do you feel “Modern Life” represents your artistic identity?

We have always been socially minded so therefore we consider our songs to be contemporary - even if the alto sax isn’t!! But besides the instruments we use various styles which has made our music eclectic. “Modern Life” we describe as a contemporary song about a contemporary issue with a yesteryear feel.

How do you continuously grow and evolve as a band?

By constantly experimenting and leaving ourselves totally open to inspiration.

Is there a specific song that holds a particularly special meaning to you? Can you share the story behind it?

We have a very soft spot for one of our earlier love songs called “Thinking of You.” We were new to Australia having migrated from Ireland. There was a range of emotions flowing through us as it was such an upheaval. ‘Thinking of You’ kind of reflects that feeling of loss nostalgia and vulnerability. Happily, we did experience a lot of success with this love ballad as it seemed to strike a chord with many people. we were even told of a marriage proposal using our song in the background - how romantic!!

Sahara CyberStars ‘Modern Life’ Youtube Video
It feels like the human ‘race’ had turned into an olympic event. The speed of life is increasing exponentially and where has it got us? Are things better or are we being told they are while just surviving day to day. In any race there are less winners so who’s looking out for those falling behind.
In the past people holidayed in tents and caravans, returning home for everyday life. Today we see pictures of tents in the cities. The demographic of people living in these has changed in an extraordinary way. Homelessness was caused by many reasons however unemployment was usually the cause. Today, some fully employed people are living in cars, tents, or if lucky, a caravan.
A huge housing crisis seems to have spread globally like a virus.
Even if there were more houses it now takes two incomes. Some mums are in a relay of picking up, dropping off and passing on. Can’t step off that merry-go-round. Relentless, all in the name of a roof over our heads.
So as the song says, “sometimes I want to go and lose myself in the past, I want to go slow, yesteryear was not so fast”. We had more time for each other, and more rooves over our heads.

Sahara CyberStars Tidal
'Light Shines into a Space' Reviews

Sahara CyberStars’ latest single, ‘Light Shines into a Space,’ transcends the boundaries of time with its unique blend of soft rock. The track offers an original recipe that cradles hearts with soothing guitars, healing rhythms, and a surprising touch of wind instrument. The vocals sing with passion and sincerity, acting as a light in the darkness. The song narrates the powerful message that sometimes, a feeling of love alone can illuminate one’s life—a glimmer of hope amidst challenging times and a dream of a brighter future.
The melodic arrangement are powerful and worthy of the greates, offering a splendid track that the world should discover and share.
‘Light Shines into a Space’ is not merely a song; it’s a poetic journey that encapsulates the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring power of love and hope. It serves as a reminder that, even in the darkest moments, there is always a flicker of light waiting to guide us through.
The Further
October 26, 2003

The Sahara CyberStars duo, formed by Dublin-based Dave Long and Trish Long, migrated to the Australian scene and achieved great public and critical visibility through their highly excellent musical endeavors! With a consolidated track record in the face of several releases, we can say without the slightest fear that they have reached the peak of their musical maturity with their most recent endeavor in single format, the emblematic song “Light Shines into a Space”.
The introduction of amplified airs in mystery, breaks its cadence to a lyricism endowed with a stealthy soprano sax solo and an absolutely fundamental simple character, where this “dream instrument” is duly “attacked” and by the vocal of masterful proportions: accurate timbres, feeling exasperated, precise doses of emotional and technical eagerness at high levels!
Despite the drama enacted, the pop resplendence is present through the sweeping chorus, one with arena status, catchy and perfect to be shouted at the top of its lungs by an enthusiastic crowd. The poetic verve gives off a message of strength and hope in the face of the “darkness of tortuous times”, making it clear that with love it is possible to overcome all possible problems! It will inevitably raise its name to the most inhospitable corners of the planet possible, the dimension is stratospheric because it is SENSATIONAL!
Review by Alessandro Iglesias
Roadie Music
October, 08, 2022

Today the wind and string instruments create an unorthodox atmosphere, letting us feel the vibe resonating in our minds with a very creative melody, that’s why this time we want to share the shine of an extraordinary band called “ SAHARA CYBERSTARS ”, the ingenious composition that they have recently shared leaves us amazed, its atmosphere is undoubtedly captivating and glorious, wonderfully capturing the vision of its members to denote its essence and formidable musical prowess.  
“ Light Shines into a Space ” It is inspired by the dark moments that overshadow our brightness, therefore, the verses seek that listeners feel the warm ray of light they need to maintain a pleasant day, through friendly sounds we can feel a moment to wander in the space of our solitude and obtain a repairing effect, so we recommend you live this new adventure that presents soft and pleasant chords that will make you enter your best way.
Review by Eduargocruz
October 5, 2023

I love it when a song fits my mood like a glove, and as a fan of classic rock music, how could I resist this really successful title: ‘Light Shines into a Space’ is a song by Sahara CyberStars that was released in June and was recently discovered on my radar.
This is a pretty cool guitar track that impresses with a decelerated rhythm and an incredibly expressive voice in focus. At the beginning it introduces a few earthy riffs before the really fantastic saxophone enriches the arrangement with a highly precise playing style and damn good solos and melodic accents. The chorus is also captivating, as are the psychedelic influences that come to light particularly in the second part of ‘Light Shines into a Space’.
A talented Australian group that I don’t think should be missed! Discover Sahara CyberStars’ music on Spotify:
Energy: ★★★★★ | Melody: ★★★★☆ | Production: ★★★★☆ | Arrangement: ★★★★☆ |  
Review by Adrian
03 Oct, 2023

Directly from Stawell, Australia, this is a project that appears here in an unprecedented way, with a work revealed on the streaming platforms in June and that we will talk more about below.
Entitled ‘Light Shines into a Space’, this track delivers a classic / soft rock sound to the public, with a striking vocal line and rich instrumentation, having an incredible landscape with its melodies, battery style and even the wind elements that run almost 5 minutes long.
Composed in 2022, amid everything we were going through globally, forcing a lockdown and even a new way of living, the track gives us the great lyrical talent and instrumental performance, with a message that touches our hearts and will certainly be played with different types of listeners.
Review by Linna Santiago
Os Garotos de Liverpool
26th Sept, 2023

Sahara Cyberstars - Light Shines into a Space (Italy)

The notes of the sax that overlap with a rock ballad of the past create a new dimension that makes everything catchy from the first listening.
We are talking about the single entitled “Light Shines into a Space”, the latest production of the Irish songwriting duo “Sahara CyberStars”, a particular and interesting production that takes us back to sounds reminiscent of the 70s, while still remaining current. La voce graffiante is a lash of energy that accompanies us throughout the song and gives great strength to the whole project.
The Single has been available on all streaming platforms since June 21st, so you have no excuse, run to listen to it!
Review by Artisti Online
28th Sept, 2023

Emanating beams of light that intoxicate and captivate the perception, the single “ Light Shines into a Space ” presents kindness and affection to create a surreal and perfect picture of motivation, enthusiasm and peace.
The talented duo, Dave Long and Trish Long , stand out using the name SAHARA CYBERSTARS, where they can break down barriers and explore the rewarding nuances of sound.
Saxophone, electric guitar, synthesizers and company are used to change the colors of the atmosphere, introducing a nostalgic haze that speaks directly to our understanding of existential mechanisms.
The vocals introduce the intensity of emotions, using words to highlight points in the scene and make us transcend our thoughts.
The lyrics, on the other hand, create a fascinating expression of strength and encouragement, searching for hidden hopes deep within the soul, and bringing them to the surface, thus allowing us to choose to fight and overcome difficulties along the way.
With an epic way of touching us, this work shows determination and respect, for all broken hearts to find the driving force that will guide them towards the good vibrations of the future.
“ Light Shines into a Space ” a delicious composition that fills us with inspiration and affection.
Review by Amanda Costa
Music For All Magazine
25th Sept, 2023

Stawell, Australia-based rock band Sahara CyberStars returns with the new single, “Light Shines into a Space.” Sahara CyberStars is a soft-rock duo consisting of members, Dave and Trish Long, who have been mesmerizing audiences since their debut album, Thinking of You, was released in 1990. Their latest release, “Light Shines into a Space,” is a dream folk-rock hit which takes the listener on a soaring journey with eclectic vocals, bluesy guitars, and groovy bass. Sahara CyberStars’ new single, “Light Shines into a Space,” is a wonderous rock opera and the perfect addition to any easy-listening playlist. Learn more about Sahara CyberStars on their official website and listen to “Light Shines into a Space” below.
Review by James Kerr
Sept 23rd, 2023

Dive into space with SAHARA CYBERSTARS and their single “Light Shines into a Space”.
This work is available exclusively on the Info Music official website, a musical experience not to be missed.
“Light Shines into a Space” is the latest single from duo Sahara CyberStars, featuring an eclectic rock sound with themes of light and darkness.
This song brings a spirit of optimism between its melodic composition and its passionate singing. There is a lot to absorb. With all the instruments present, the vast repertoire of sounds creates an interesting but confusing catalog of diverse sounds. Sleek guitar kicks off the track, moving through vibrant sounds and warm saxophone accompaniment. Then in a more brilliant flight of sparkling touches. “Light Shines into a Space” is a quality work from Sahara CyberStars. Without further ado, enjoy the present moment with the duo CyberStars, who take you on a musical journey through their eclectic rock universe. Don’t forget that this single is also available on all legal download platforms.
Sept 17th,  2023

The audacious Sahara CyberStars project has been increasingly making a mark on the rock scene with very successful releases praised by the specialized media and with great numbers on digital platforms. Continuing the great work, they release “Light Shines into a Space”. During the listening we can tell that Sahara CyberStars believes that the connection of art with everyone subject to it is unique, and the way they strike a chord is so profound to provide strength, solace and empathy, bringing life to all who experience it.
“Light Shines into a Space” is totally captivating with a melody that invites the listener on an incredible journey in a magical sound atmosphere. With this single the duo established themselves as an artist to watch, with music that showcases their dreamy and inimical ideology, along with the relaxing, multifaceted and quirky sound that brings a nostalgic sound atmosphere while exuding a sincere freshness thanks to youthful energy and visionary mind of singer-songwriters Trish and Dave Long.
It was written in 2022 and recorded in 2023 in an era where darkness has cast a shadow in places where light desperately tries to shine. Sometimes a feeling of love is enough to brighten someone’s life, a ray of hope, a dream of better times. In the darkness there is an unfathomable strength when someone stands up against oppression, endures deprivation and only through survival succeeds. Love and dreams will always escape, they are the light that shines in space.
Light Shines into a Space” is a song about hope, a soundtrack for not being quiet and brings a rare musical exoticism from the artist, which goes beyond music, creating an experience that combines different forms of art, proving the unique talent and necessary from this wonderful duo. With an oldschool sound that ranges between alternative rock and southern rock, the single also brings a romantic, light and modern energy with classic tones but which soon changes its atmosphere, bringing an engaging balance. The instrumentation is built with sparkling guitar riffs, guitar lines that give a grand charm, a simple but penetrating percussion line that creates a dreamy, modern and exclusive atmosphere and a wonderful saxophone that makes everything more interesting.
The vocals are the icing on the cake, with soft and dreamy timbres, but also powerful that show their grandeur, which sings in an intimate way and takes the listener on this unforgettable sound journey, transmitting inner peace and encouraging in a soft and captivating way. A well composed and performed song that will captivate the audience and awaken the best feelings.
The song maintains the frequency, taking the listener on an unforgettable sound journey, highlighting the way in which Sahara CyberStars mixed styles and in a peculiar way created a timeless hit, perfect for fans of the style, speaking directly with its instrumental and with the listener. , transmitting different feelings and a mesmerizing and satisfying vibe.
Review by Jessica Marinho
Sept 19th , 2023

An Odyssey of Melodic Resilience and Emotional Fortitude

Sahara CyberStars, the celebrated duo comprised of Dave Long and Trish Long, have been musical explorers ever since they met on the Dublin music scene. They have now set roots in Australia, commanding attention across various media platforms while remaining steadfastly eclectic and original. Their latest single, “Light Shines into a Space,” is a contemplative dive into the dichotomy between light and darkness, love and despair.

A Journey Across Two Continents
Before capturing Australia’s music landscape, Dave and Trish started their journey in Dublin, Ireland. Over the years, they’ve accumulated an impressive discography, including six albums and six singles. Their instrumentals are a rich tapestry; Trish helms vocals, wind instruments, and synth, while Dave brings his resonant lead vocals accompanied by both electric and acoustic guitars and keyboards.

The Profundity Behind “Light Shines into a Space”
Released on June 21, 2023, this single doesn’t shy away from delving into the darker facets of life we’ve recently seen worldwide. It speaks of love as a beacon in the gloom, the power of dreams, and the indomitable strength of the human spirit. Its deep resonance lies in its timing, a period when, as they aptly put it, “darkness has cast a shadow in places where light is desperately trying to shine.”

The Melodic Spectrum
With a diverse instrumentation that spans from flutes to electric guitars, the single is a melodic feast. The fusion of alternative, folk, and rock lends the track an indefinable charm. As critics have pointed out, it’s an over-the-top yet grounded composition, rich but not ostentatious. It’s like a painting where every brushstroke matters, yet the sum is even more astounding than its parts.

Captivating Reviews
While RGM Magazine called their music “gloriously over-the-top,” A&R Factory described their sound as “celestially scintillating experimentalism, which bends genres with the grace of an Olympian contortionist.” These reviews affirm the duo’s mastery in walking the fine line between layered complexity and emotional simplicity.

The Power of Lyrics
Lyrically, the song might remind you of bands like Muse, but Sahara CyberStars remain authentic to their own narrative. The lyrics echo resilience and the battle against adversities, making “Light Shines into a Space” more than just a song—it’s a powerful testament of endurance and hope.

“Light Shines into a Space” is not just a new chapter in Sahara CyberStars’ musical voyage; it is an invitation for everyone to find their own light. It is the embodiment of the idea that even in the most confining darkness, there is a sliver of light, if one chooses to see it.
Review by Tamara Jenna
Sept 18, 2023

Sahara CyberStars unleashes their latest soulful and eclectic release, “Light Shines into a Space,” which seamlessly blends elements of folk, progressive rock, and electronic tunes. This song is a testament to the incredible talent and artistry of the award-winning singer/songwriters Dave Long and Trish Long.

Dave Long’s raspy and soulful vocals take center stage, delivering the song’s heartfelt lyrics with an energetic and passionate force. His zesty voice adds a layer of depth and authenticity to the music. The high backup vocals add a soulful and ethereal quality to the overall sound. These harmonies together enhance the depth and emotional impact of the song.

With Trish, Dave synthesizes the dynamic musical piece. Alone, he brings the folk into the composition with an acoustic guitar. With electric guitar and keyboard, the folk gets its opposition with progressive rock influences introduced.

The song’s rhythm is driven by slow and deliberate drum patterns that provide a steady heartbeat to the music. This deliberate pace deeply explores the song’s emotional landscape, allowing the listener to savor each moment.

The instrumentation in “Light Shines into a Space” has more orchestral dynamism to it with Trish Long’s multi-instrumental talents. She contributes to the piece with her vocals, saxophone, flute, flageolet, recorder, aerophone, and synth. Her saxophone and flute work in particular, add a distinct flavor to the song, creating a rich tapestry of sounds.

The combination of heartfelt lyrics, powerful vocals, and intricate instrumentation creates a musical experience that is both moving and memorable in the vibrant song, “Light Shines into a Space.”
Review By: Naomi Joan
Illustrate Magazine
Sept 18, 2023

Good Day Noir Family,
In an age often characterized by the confines of conformity, Sahara CyberStars emerge as a shimmering beacon of psychedelic wonder with their latest single, “Light Shines into a Space.”
Light Shines into a Space is Sahara CyberStars’ Single Out Now

From the very first notes, their music transports the listener to an era long past, drawing inspiration from the legendary sounds of the 1970s—a time when artistic expression flowed freely and unburdened.
What immediately captivates the senses is the band’s unwavering commitment to their psychedelic style.
It’s a compositional approach that channels the free-spirited ethos of that era, an homage to a time when musicians weren’t afraid to explore the boundaries of sound and self-expression.
“Light Shines into a Space” carries echoes of Ennio Morricone’s evocative compositions, a fascinating touch that adds depth to the song’s sonic landscape.
Sahara CyberStars have crafted a musical limbo, a realm suspended in time that sets them apart from the musical milieu of today.

Their arrangements are lush and intense, painting vivid sonic pictures that captivate the imagination. In certain moments, the music conjures the spirit of David Bowie, a testament to their ability to traverse diverse sonic realms with ease.
With this single, Sahara CyberStars carve a unique niche for themselves, reminding us all that the spirit of musical adventure is alive and well.
Light Shines into a Space is Sahara CyberStars’ Single Out Now!
September 18, 2023

“Light Shines into a Space” is the latest single from the duo Sahara CyberStars, showing an eclectic throwback rock sound with light-against-darkness themes. The project comprises singer/songwriters Dave Long and Trish Long, who met within the Dublin music scene and are now based in Stawell, Australia. The duo have released six albums and six singles so far, and this latest track provides an optimistic spirit amidst melodic songwriting and impassioned vocals.
The power of love and light to prevail, through even the darkest of times, plays with consuming thematic pull. As Sahara CyberStars write: “In darkness there is an unfathomable strength when someone stands up against oppression, endures through deprivation and by survival alone succeeds. Love and dreams will always escape, they are the light that shines into a space.”
A debonair guitar styling kicks off the track, traversing into fluttering acoustics and warming saxophone accompaniments. Lyrics stir in referring to how “nothing stays the same,” and then into a brighter soaring with twinkling keys. “Your back’s against the wall,” the vocals admit, then venturing into a title-touting resonance. “Light Shines into a Space” is a quality piece of songwriting from Sahara CyberStars.
By Mike Mineo
Obscure Sound  
Sept 14, 2023

The bonkers and brilliantly named Sahara CyberStars are more than just a band that sounds like a franchise sports team. The duo is prolific. They met in Dublin, relocated to Australia and have subsequently released six albums, smashing together folk, progressive rock and electronic influences in the process.
They’re a band who will entertain too, as evidenced by their CV containing a song called ‘Renovating My Igloo’. Their latest single is the less interior design oriented, but more whimsically named ‘Light Shines into a Space’.
There’s plenty to take in. With all instruments present barring the kitchen sink, the vast expanse of sounds extends to woodwind and strings, making for a pleasantly varied if muddled catalogue of noises.
It does work though, there’s charm in being this maximal. Sahara CyberStars do well to remain grounded. Things are gloriously over-the-top while managing to avoid any ‘look at me I’m singing about space’ ostentation.
That’s quite an achievement for a song whose lyrics express a camp aeronautical melodrama. With those lyrics including the telling of a character looking into a void, and a reminder that we must remain resolute when our backs are against the wall, you’d be forgiven for thinking Muse had been in the studio again.
Despite the chaos, it’s not comedy, even if Sahara CyberStars do clearly have a sense of humour. The arrangements are luscious, at times overly. However, the grandeur of the colourful procession of instruments is far from novelty.
Review by Ben Williams
RGM Magazine
8th September 2023

After unveiling six LPs and six singles to date, the Dublin-forged, Australia-residing duo Sahara CyberStars, comprising the award-winning singer-songwriters Dave and Trish Long, exhibited how honed their synergistic sound has become in their latest single, Light Shines into a Space.
The duo may have gone down under, but their arcane Irish folk roots still linger at the epicentre of their theatrically inviting sound in Light Shines into a Space, which allows you to imagine how New Model Army’s post-punk musings would unravel with more ornate and orchestral instrumentals infused into their atmospheric stylings.
The deeply original score’s authenticity is only matched by the evocative pull of the release; from the first verse, you’ll be inseparably combined with the celestially scintillating experimentalism, which bends genres with the grace of an Olympian contortionist.
Light Shines into a Space is now available to stream on YouTube.
Review by Amelia Vandergast
A&R Factory
Posted on 21 August 2023
'Light Shines into a Space' Interviews

18th Sept 2023

What was the initial spark or idea that led to the creation of “Light Shines into a Space?”

Sometimes when you’re alone and it’s quiet, thoughts come into your head that need to be expressed creatively and a moment like that was the genesis of this particular song. When the words are written on paper by the ghostly hand of inspiration it can take some time before you realise that the subconscious has spoken. Upon reflection “Light Shines into a Space” can be traced back to a poignant photograph of a Ukrainian soldier inside the Azovstal steel plant in 2022 when a ray of sunlight pierced the palpable darkness of the factory and shone on the welcoming face of the soldier. The darkness of that factory as with other holdings of hostages was more than an exclusion of light in the physical sense, it was more the penetrating darkness of the soul that held these people in such inhumane conditions. In the song, despite having “your back against the wall but you can still stand tall” reflects the indomitable spirit of resistance and perseverance. The song had to be uplifting and the chorus as rousing as possible to portray a spirit that will not be denied its freedom.

Were there any challenges or breakthrough moments during the songwriting process for “Light Shines into a Space?”

Every song has its challenge but this song really came quite easily as it was from inspiration and it almost wrote itself from start to finish. The real challenge in such a case is to perform it in such a way that we do justice to the ideas in the song itself. Then comes the delicacy of the instrument arrangement.

Were there any memorable or standout moments during the recording sessions for this song?

Yes. When we start recording all we have to draw on is what we have been doing in rehearsal – two people on their instruments along with the main vocal and harmony. When we get into the recording studio we start off with a drum track. After that, we build it up with guitars, come up with a bass line, put down main vocals, and lead and solo. Finally, we let our imagination and enthusiasm get the better of us and before we know it we have layers of different things happening – hopefully pleasing to the ear! The icing on the cake this time was Dave’s last-minute idea to add an electric guitar phrase to the very beginning of the song – a sort of pre-intro which then leads into Trish’s soprano sax intro. It had a totally different feel to it and we both loved this new idea. Dave had discovered a sound on his guitar effect pedal which had echoes of the guitar sounds from ‘Better Call Saul’ and felt that the lonely feel of this particular sound suited the beginning of this song.

What has been the most memorable experience or achievement in your music career so far?

We are both in agreement that the total surprise of going to No.1 on the first internet charts back in the nineties with our song ‘Make My Day’ from our first CD album ‘Vision’ which we released independently as with all of our recordings. Then for the song to remain in the first position for the next four consecutive weeks was beyond belief. The story made the ABC TV Evening News across the continent dubbing us ‘CyberStars’. We then put on a ‘CyberStars in Concert’ in a theatre which was a total success and from that we undertook another concert in a larger theatre in Melbourne called ‘Sahara CyberStars Live @ The Malthouse’ which we filmed due to a request from ‘Celtic TV’ in New York. The concert video was very popular and streamed on multiple occasions.

Can you recall a particular moment, artist, or experience that had a significant influence on your music?

The particular moment was having to migrate from our homeland of Ireland all the way to Australia during the major economic downturn in eighties Ireland. Having moved to Australia we worked in day jobs and did gigs at night. The Australian audience did have an impact on our music. As we referred to it years ago as ‘the mist meeting the haze’ we had written a substantial amount of ballads and slow songs but in Australia, we noticed that the audience really enjoyed our more upbeat, fast, and rocky numbers. So we made a conscious decision to write a few more of them. With a quick throwback to the previous question the last song we wrote in Ireland before leaving was a love ballad. Then in Australia, we decided to turn it on its head completely. We speeded it up, wrote new lyrics, and swapped the darker tones of the alto sax for the bright and sprightly sound of the flageolet. This reborn song we renamed ‘Make My Day’ and as they say the rest is history.

Interview by Carl Maloney of RGM  (UK)
09th Sept 2023

Hiya folks thanks for joining us in the virtual RGM lounge today, grab a brew and take a seat.

What made you decide that music is a thing for you?

Our love of music was the driving force between writing songs, recording, and performing gigs.

Introduce us to you and your musical history.

Trish Long is a singer/songwriter who plays saxes, flute, flageolet, recorder, aerophone and synth. As a teenager played with the ITGWU union marching band in Dublin. Studied classical sax at the Dublin College of Music. Then went on to play gigs with various bands from jazz to rock to original music, and also did some session work in recording studios.

Dave Long is a singer/songwriter from Dublin who sings lead vocals and plays acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards, and synth. Started writing songs as a teenager. Played the Dublin music scene with various bands and also did some session work singing and performing.

We both met and formed a duo called ‘Interfusion’. We gigged in Ireland, did a couple of shows in the UK and performed live to air on RTE TV. Our first single received airplay on RTE radio along with community/pirate radio stations. We also played a very difficult role as a couple of musicians on an Irish soapie called ‘Inside’ which we really enjoyed.

Once we escaped from ‘Inside’ we dashed off to Australia. We changed the band name from ‘Interfusion’ to Sahara and more recently to ‘Sahara CyberStars’. We have toured extensively for years in Australia and appeared on all the major TV stations. We also performed live to air on various radio stations. Our first album was on cassette called ‘Thinking of You’ after the song had a win on ‘New Faces’.

Our first CD album ‘Vision’ had a track called ‘Make My Day’ which was voted No.1 on the first internet music charts in New York. This success landed us on the ABC TV evening news where we were dubbed ‘CyberStars’. We’ve composed music for a TV documentary that was awarded the United Nations Media Award. To date we have released six albums and six singles, the latest being ‘Light Shines into a Space’

What was life like for you before music?

Trish worked in the bank and Dave worked as an electrician.

What was the first song you heard that steered you into a music path?

For Trish it was the ‘Pink Panther’ by Henry Mancini and for Dave it was the Beatles hit ‘The Long and Winding Road’

Where do you feel you currently sit within the music industry?

We’re still standing, waiting for a seat.

What’s the biggest thing you have learned from someone else in the industry?

If you’re not doing music for the right reason, then you’re not doing music for the right reason.

Tell us Two truths and a lie about you.

One is we work hard. Two is we work very hard. It would be a lie to say we enjoy working extremely hard.

If you could wish for one thing to aid your career what would it be?


Do you ever worry about people taking things the wrong way or cancel culture? Discuss….

We are aware of the power of words and the construct of sentences when we write our lyrics. We give freedom to the creativity of lyric writing but when written we do check them to ensure that there is no ambiguity that we are aware of. Words are powerful and as we can all see via social media can inspire or hurt.

Do you sign up to any conspiracy theories? If not why not?

Why? What have you heard that we don’t know about? Or do we? We could go on an(d)on but we choose not to.

What was the worst experience on stage?

Only one…wishful thinking!!! We’ll choose one out of our large bag of awful experiences. Here we go….we’re up in the Mountains…freezing cold….on tour….doing concerts of all original material…mostly art centres.

On the way between towns we were asked to perform in a pub the night before St. Patrick’s Day. However, the same night we were booked they hired the biggest TV they could find forgetting about the concert as there was a very important football game on the telly. They set the TV up on the stage beside our PA. When we arrived that night to a full house watching the TV we had to stand in front of it and try to sing while the match was on, we weren’t sure if we would get out alive. Not quite a battle of the bands but it sure was some sort of war. Nobody on the staff would own up to this colossal mess up, an episode of survival couldn’t compete with this.

Tell us something about each member that you think people would be surprised about.

Dave had over a decade of hospital stays with several major life-saving surgeries due to a genetic disease. However, he never stopped writing and recording songs.

What makes you stand out as a band/artist?

Hopefully the quality of our songs.

I hear you have a new music, what can you tell us about it.

Yes, we have just released a new single called ‘Light Shines into a Space’

It was written in 2022  and recorded in 2023 in an era where darkness has cast a shadow in places where light is desperately trying to shine. Sometimes a feeling of love is enough to illuminate someone’s life, a glimmer of hope, a dream of better times. In darkness there is an unfathomable strength when someone stands up against oppression, endures through deprivation and by survival alone succeeds. Love and dreams will always escape, they are the light that shines into a space.

What was the recording process like?

Over the years in our studio, we’ve developed a recording procedure where we start with a rhythm track and build from there. We never really know what the outcome will be except for what we do live when rehearsing, the rest seems to fall into place.

What was the biggest learning curve in writing the new tunes?

Our writing is mostly from inspiration and is always a surprise.

Would you change anything now it’s finished?

No, not really. We are critical during the process of writing and recording and perform to the best of our ability. The audio mixing is always a challenge, we do have to step away for a few days to clear our heads. However, once the mixing and mastering is done we are happy to leave well enough alone.

Sahara CyberStars 'Light Shines into a Space' Youtube
Inspiration for 'Light Shines into a Space'
Sahara CyberStars ‘Light Shines Into A Space’ written 2022 recorded 2023 in an era where darkness has cast a shadow in places where light is desperately trying to shine. Sometimes a feeling of love is enough to illuminate someone’s life, a glimmer of hope, a dream of better times. In darkness there is an unfathomable strength when someone stands up against oppression, endures through deprivation and by survival alone succeeds. Love and dreams will always escape, they are the light that shines into a space.

Photo taken in the Black Range Scenic Reserve in the vicinity of  Bunjil Shelter. In Aboriginal culture, Bunjil was the main Dreaming Being of south-eastern Australia. For more information please visit  Bunjil Shelter

Trish     Dave
Singer/Songwriters Dave and Trish met on the Dublin music scene in 1984 and performed under the band name  ‘Interfusion’. They recorded the first song they wrote together ‘Vision of Glory’ as a single at Slane Studios which received airplay on various radio stations. In January 1985 they performed another original song ‘Running Out’ live on the RTE ‘Davis at Large’ show. After this appearance they were  surprised to receive a phone call asking them to act as a couple of  musicians in an episode of the RTE prison drama series ‘Inside’. Trish  and Dave never got to see their acting debut because by the time the  episode hit the Irish TV screens, ‘Interfusion’ had headed off on the  ferry to England in their yellow van. From day one, they found it virtually impossible to find accommodation once the Irish accent was heard (11 refusals counted on one morning alone!) doors were literally closed in their faces due to the political tensions. This experience  gave them a greater understanding of people who are rejected for whatever reason. However on the positive side Interfusion played to packed gigs with great feedback from the audiences proving the power of music as a uniting force. Due to the recession  and other difficulties, after a couple of months they decided to return to Ireland. It was another two years during which they got married,  before embarking on an even longer journey. While living in Ireland  ‘Interfusion’ performed in many of Dublin’s venues such as Trinity College, The Baggot Inn, The Meeting Place, Slatterys, The Dame Tavern  and The Parliament Inn along with a special appearance at a gala event for the United States Ambassador at the American Embassy in Dublin.        
Trish and Dave changed their band name to ‘Sahara’ as they prepared to leave for Australia. Since arriving in 1987 Sahara has performed in Festivals, Mardi Gras, Pubs, Clubs,Town Halls, Theatres and Performing Arts Centres along with countless live to air  performances on radio and TV. Sahara had a memorable win on ‘New Faces’ not only winning their heat with one of the highest scores but also picking up the encouragement award for their original composition ‘Thinking of You’. Trish and Dave then recorded their debut album called ‘Thinking of You’ which they self released in 1990. They distributed this cassette album locally where it was greatly received and brought in more gigs and TV  appearances. The GLV-8 Gippsland TV station filmed a video of ‘Thinking of You’ for their Wednesday Magazine show. With the release of Sahara’s debut CD ‘Vision’ the sound of Sahara spread further afield when it was selected as the ‘CD of the week’ on Radio Australia ‘Oz Sounds’ music show. Success followed this on the Internet when two tracks from ‘Vision’ - ‘Make My Day’ and ‘Ordinary Day’ were both voted No .1 on the Soundclick First Internet Charts. ‘Make My Day’ stayed in this position for four consecutive weeks resulting in an  interview that was broadcast Australia wide on the ABC TV Evening News. Sahara performed on several occasions on the Ten Network’s ‘ Good  Morning Australia’ as well as Channel Nine’s ‘ In Melbourne Today’. Sahara guested on the Seven Network Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital ‘ Good Friday Appeal’. With the unexpected success of ‘Vision’ growing Trish and Dave decided to produce their first solo concert called the ‘Cyberstars in Concert’ which was a sell-out to a very enthusiastic audience.        
Sahara received an  email from CelticTV in New York requesting a video for webcast. They decided to stage another concert in Melbourne this time at the Malthouse  Theatre. Using their telemarketing skills from previous jobs Trish and Dave got on the phone and raised enough sponsorship money to cover the  cost of filming ‘Sahara Live @ The Malthouse’. This video became popular on Celtic TV being requested on several  occasions. The audio from the concert was the stereo live feed from the  mixing desk to the camera, no second takes and no remixing in the studio afterwards. In the weeks following the concert it took a lot of persuading from varying sources to convince Trish and Dave to release  this live mix on CD resulting in the unplanned  Sahara ‘Live @ The Malthouse’ CD. Both ‘Vision’ and ‘ Sahara Live at the Malthouse’ made it into many play lists here and internationally and received great reviews with high ratings in major publications. Sahara was requested to compose an original soundtrack for the ABC TV Australian Story ‘A Track Winding Back’ which received the United Nations Media Peace Award.  Trish and Dave knew that the only way forward was to bring their concert on tour. For the greater part of 2000 to 2007 they spent most of the year in their old car on the many long roads through the kaleidoscopic Australian landscape, enjoying the opportunity of meeting with locals after the  shows and discussing everything under the sun!! It was so educational witnessing at first-hand the drought that had Australia in it’s grip at that time and it was members of the farming communities that  alerted Trish and Dave to the true aspect of the ever encroaching threat  of climate change. Sahara’s next CD  ‘A New Beginning’ released  in 2004 was written during this period. Sahara toured ‘A New Beginning’ which became extended over a couple of years due to demand. In 2012 Sahara decided to re-record this album and release it for sale over the Internet. In the last few years Sahara has released two new studio albums ‘There is this place I go’ and ‘See all that’s before me’ along with their singles ‘Only This World’, ‘Hope in Everything’ , ‘Lock You Up Where You Belong’, 'Evolution', 'I wanna go Home' and their latest single 'Light Shines Into A Space' released on the Sahara Music Record Label . Trish and Dave have a few hundred compositions to their name and are still writing and recording.

In the spirit of reconciliation Sahara Music acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.
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